Luca Checchinato

One piece of advice that I feel like giving to those like me who have been cultivating a passion since they were young is to follow their own light, not to listen to mothers, fathers, relatives or friends; to put your feet down and take the path you want and not the one that others think is best and right for you. Be courageous, go against the tide even if the world tells you otherwise, even if the herd says: "it's not beeeeeeeene!" Be crazy enough to pursue your dreams and make them come true.
the Oignons are my dream come true

we are all star seekers

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Awards & Recognitions


Artista D.O.C.


Panorama d’Italia
Conferito dal prof. Vittorio Sgarbi

Maestro d’arte
Cattedrale di Monreale (PA)

Arte Tiepolo
Palazzo Clerici di Milano


Artista dell’anno
Isola che C’è
Palermo 2015

Luca Checchinato aka LUCH born in 1977 and it is class that we have to talk about because Luca is an explosion of surreal creativity and imagination. the Pontine artist manages to realize large projects from a small idea; painting, hand drawing and digital painting up to the sculpture through which he makes material what is born on paper. Checchinato between the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 creates the Oignons, seekers of stars, very nice little men who, once met, it is difficult to remain detached, so much they attract a curiosity that grabs the mind from the 3 year old to the 99. LUCH creates dreamlike and sometimes a little grotesque, sweet and melancholic characters. An Italian Tim Burton and as a story he gives life to characters who are not human, but who himself is linked in "normal" contexts. Not only a great test of creativity his art, but also an effective testimony of his technical skills; despite the surrealism of most of the subjects and themes, every detail is made with a wealth bordering on a strong realism. An explosive artistic mixture that of Luca Checchinato, of great contemporaneity but which looks to the future, therefore he is also guaranteed as an artist D.O.C. An artist to invest in, for his ability to capture every symbolic visual emotion, a sign of an incessant artistic investigation, a great interpreter of the world, he brings to light the most hidden sensations of the soul.

Professor Paolo Levi
Art Critic and Editorial Director "Effetto Arte"

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